Coordination, call, production and creative concept.





Saverglass is one of the most important glass factories in the world. In October 2018 it officially opened its doors in Guadalajara. Propom was in charge of developing experiences for potential buyers and collaborators, this set of events took place in different locations for several days of the opening week, starting with a gala dinner at the Cabañas Hospice, where following by a press conference guests heard a few words from the founder of Saverglass and enjoyed dinner and live music. The very next day guests were transported to Acatlán Jalisco to see the factory, in which there was a set up with a hall reception area and an auditorium. The food consisted in a delicious variety of dishes from the “I Latina” restaurant and the event concluded with a tour around the factory. The closing event consisted of a gala dinner at Corazón de Alcachofa and an after party at Mui Mui. The agency coordinated the press conferences, interviews, flights and lodging for the media, directors and some guests. Propom managed the creative concept, image, construction, production and logistics of all the events.