This is us

We´re a Public Relation firm with more than 10 years of experience in the field integrated by the best professionals focused on organizing and planning events and brand experiences. Its our commitment to take our client’s goals, make them our own and work hard to attain them. We always strive to surpass all the expectations and deliver a great experience.

At PROPOM PR we deeply understand how the events industry works and how vital is to provide our clients with an impeccable service that meets the highest standards. We have the best equipment, technology and infrastructure to create the most memorable events.

Paulo Orendain


Cristina Rosell

Key Account PR Manager

Fernando Pérez

Commercial Manager

Patricia de Santiago

Administrative Assistant

Santyago Barba


Alicia Orozco

Creative Management

Eliza Fonseca

Creative Management

Alejandra Navares

Account Manager

Regina Martínez


Lorena Hetch


Jorge Varela

Media Manager

Sergio Martínez

Account Manager